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The Graduate Program in Computer Science (PPGCC) of the Federal University of Maranhão (UFMA) offers education at master's level and is recommended by the Brazilian Federal Agency CAPES with grade 3, according to the last 2013/2016 Quadrennial Assessment. The objective of the Program is to train professionals with a solid theoretical and practical base and with competence to develop innovative solutions and produce relevant and original contributions to Computer Science. The activities of the program are developed at the Center for Exact Sciences and Technology (CCET) of UFMA, based in the Dom Delgado University City located in the city of São Luís, capital of the Maranhão State. The program is organized into two research lines: Computer Systems Architecture and Computer Modeling, which cover theoretical and practical aspects of Computer Science. Currently, research groups associated to the PPGCC/UFMA Graduate Program focus in the following areas of Computing: Computer Networks, Distributed Systems and Ubiquitous Computing; Artificial Intelligence and Multiagent Systems; Software Engineering and Human-Computer Interaction; Computer Graphics and Image Processing; Optimization and Robotics; Multimedia Systems and Education. The selection of regular students is made annually, with entry in the first semester. The selection process is governed by notice published on the program Web page in the second semester of each year, usually in October. Currently, scholarships are offered by the following funding agencies: CAPES and FAPEMA (State of Maranhão Research Agency).


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    Av. dos Portugueses, 1966 - Vila Bacanga, São Luís - MA, 65080-805
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