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The Graduate Program in Materials Science (PPGCM) began operations in 2013, offering the master's degree, meeting the market requirements, as well as developing high-quality scientific and technological research of national interest. The research subjects of program were: Synthesis and characterization of special metallic compounds, Synthesis and Characterization of Organic and Inorganic Crystals and Vitreous and Ceramic Materials. The PPGCM is located in UFMA-Imperatriz. In this unit is located the building dedicated of PPGCM, with an area of approximately 600 m2, which is the scientific infrastructure of Materials Science program. This structure reflects the strategy of the program to aggregate researchers in the area of materials, aiming to adapt the profile of the master´s student of PPGCM to meet the great demand for professionals trained both from the scientific point of view and the requirements of the technological and industrial market. Since its creation, PPGCM professors have maintained collaboration with several institutions (UNICAMP, UFC, UEM, UNIFESP - São José dos Campos, UNESP - Baurú / SP, University of Porto -Portugal, University of Lisbon-Portugal , University of Aveiro - Portugal) and research centers (CNPEM, IPEN, Max Plank Institute) in Brazil and abroad, allowing the interchange of researchers and especially students, both for specific experiments and for internship. In its four years of existence the PPGCM has been playing a fundamental role in the qualification of teaching staff in the Tocantina region, as well as contributing to the dissemination and strengthening of the area of materials in this region. Throughout these years the PPGCM program became a reference in Science and Technology area for the region. It was recognized by CAPES Agency having reached a score 4 in the 2017 evaluation.


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    Av. da Universidade s/n, Imperatriz-MA
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    Av. da Universidade s/n, Imperatriz-MA
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