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Objectives The Graduate Program in Public Policies is interdisciplinary and interdepartmental in nature, and guided by the following objectives: General: To train human resources, at graduate level, to reflect and intervene critically in the social reality, in the field of public policies, be it academic life, governmental bodies or civil society. Specific: -Train teachers and researchers, as well as technicians in the field of public policies; -Encourage the production and circulation of knowledge on issues related to public policies, especially those pertinent to the region in which the Program is inserted; -To increase the number of professionals involved in the production of knowledge in the field of public policies, as well in the intervention in issues involving the Amazon and the Northeast; -Establish technical-scientific exchange with teaching and research institutions in the Amazon and the Northeast, in other regions of the country and abroad, aiming at the development of university activities, especially graduate ones; -Contribute to the knowledge and solution of problems related to the State of Maranhão, particularly in terms of the themes covered by the Program; -Create and develop effective articulation mechanisms between graduate and undergraduate courses, aiming at expanding and improving the scientific production and teaching activities of the Federal University of Maranhão; -Provide advisory services, consultancy, training of human resources in the area of public policies to public agencies and civil society organizations.


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