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The Postgraduate Program in Biodiversity and Conservation - PPGBC, Master level, was recommended by CAPES in 2004 with the purpose of integrating research professors in the training of human resources to work in different areas of the environmental sciences. The Master's Degree in Biodiversity and Conservation, with a maximum duration of 24 months, will be complemented with compliance with compulsory, optional and research seminars, totaling 35 (thirty five) credit units, that is, 525 (five hundred and twenty and five) hours of scheduled activities in the morning and afternoon shifts, including Dissertation Work that will correspond to 150 hours / class, according to the Internal Rules of the Program. Contacts: Phone: 3272 8516 E-mail: biodiversidade@ufma.br


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    Av. dos Portugueses, 1966 Departamento de Biologia, UFMA, CEP 65080-805 São Luis-MA-Brasil
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