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VIII Workshop Internacional de Mecânica Quântica e Informação Quântica

2022-04-20 01:42:05.025

O PPGFIL informa o VIII Workshop Internacional de Mecânica Quântica e Informação Quântica: Teoria Quântica e Realidade.

Quantum theory is the perfect case study for the realist vs anti-realist debate: on the one hand, one naturally considers the theory as an approximate true description of reality; on the other hand, the ever-growing number of interpretations/quantum theories seem to plague QM’s access to reality with underdetermination. We would like to pursue new perspectives on such a traditional debate on the philosophy of science. Contributions to the workshop address the following questions, but, as in previous editions of the workshop, are not limited to:

Is there a clear dividing line between ‘theory’ and ‘interpretation’ in the case of QM?

What does it mean to take QM to be ‘approximately true’?

Are there new experimental perspectives that could falsify one interpretation/quantum theory?

Can theoretical virtues (epistemic/ontological/metaphysical) favor one interpretation/theory over other(s)?

Are there new stances that steer a middle ground between realism and anti-realism?

What does it mean to adopt a realist stance toward quantum mechanics?

Could numerous quantum theories/interpretations, instead of blocking one’s road to reality, enhance one’s understanding of reality?

Certainly, there is much to say about it, and we are looking forward to meeting you there!

Calendário do Evento:


dias 27 - 28 de abril de 2022

dias 04 - 05 de maio de 2022



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