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Artigos Publicados 2019


(OBS.: Docentes do PPGF marcados em negrito; discentes autores marcados em letras maiúsculas, negrito e sublinhado)

  1.   LIMA, FRED C.; Simas, Fabiano C.; Nobrega, K. Z.; Gomes, Adalto R., Boundary scattering in the phi6 model. JOURNAL OF HIGH ENERGY PHYSICS. 2019, p.147 (2019). FI (2018): 5,833,   (QUALIS A2)
  2.  Bazeia, D.; Gomes, Adalto R.; Nobrega, K.Z.; Simas, Fabiano C., Kink scattering in a hybrid model. PHYSICS LETTERS B. 793, p.26 – 32 (2019). FI: 4,1620 (QUALIS A2)
  3.  Bazeia, D.; Gomes, Adalto R.; Simas, Fabiano C.; Nobrega, K. Z., Kink scattering in hyperbolic models. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MODERN PHYSICS A., p.1950200, 2019.  FI: (QUALIS B1)
  4.  Lima, Valéria M. ; Almeida, Rafael M. ; Steimacher, Alysson; dos Santos, Adenilson O. ; Barbosa, Diego A.B. ; Dias, Anderson ; Moreira, Roberto L. . Optical vibrational properties of Bi2-Ca Sn2O7-/2 ceramics. JOURNAL OF ALLOYS AND COMPOUNDS, v. 786, p. 1030-1039, 2019. (QUALIS A3)
  5.  Baldez, T.S. ;Remédios, C.M.R. ; de Menezes, A.S. ; dos Santos, Adenilson O.  ; de Sousa, F.F. . New structural phases of [bis(L-alaninato) diaqua] nickel(II) dihydrate crystal. SPECTROCHIMICA ACTA PART A-MOLECULAR AND BIOMOLECULAR SPECTROSCOPY, v. 214, p. 294-301, 2019.  (QUALIS A2) 
  6.  Sousa, R.L. ; Monteiro, J.C.B. ; dos Santos, Adenilson O.  ; Cardoso, L.P. ; da Silva, L.M. . Large magnetocaloric effect in ErCoSn driven by metamagnetic phase transition and short-range ferromagnetic correlations. JOURNAL OF MAGNETISM AND MAGNETIC MATERIALS, v. 492, p. 165653, 2019. (QUALIS A2) 
  7.  Santos, C.A.A.S. ; Lima, R.J.C. ; Filho, P.F. Façanha ; dos Santos, Adenilson O.; Lima, J.A. ; Freire, P.T.C. . Low-wavenumber Raman spectra of l-tyrosine, l-tyrosine hydrochloride, and l-tyrosine hydrobromide crystals at high temperatures. JOURNAL OF PHYSICS AND CHEMISTRY OF SOLIDS, v. 136, p. 109129, 2019. (QUALIS A3)
  8.  Oliveira Neto, João . ; Cavalcante, Linconl A. ; Gomes, Eduardo S.; dos Santos, Adenilson O.; Sousa, Francisco F ; Mendes, Fernando ; Macêdo, Ana Angélica M . Crystalline Films of L-Threonine Complexed with Copper (II) Dispersed in a Galactomannan Solution: A Structural, Vibrational, and Thermal Study. POLYMER ENGINEERING AND SCIENCE, v. xx, p. pen.25260, 2019. FI 1,92  (QUALIS A2)  
  9.  dos Santos, Adenilson O.; Lang, Rossano ; Sasaki, José M.; Cardoso, Lisandro P. . Assessment of phase transition and thermal expansion coefficients by means of secondary multiple reflections of Renninger scans. JOURNAL OF APPLIED CRYSTALLOGRAPHY, v. 52, p. xx, 2019.  FI 3,161  (QUALIS A4)
  10.  Botelho, Chirlene Nascimento; Pereira, Neuma das Mercês; Silva, Glaura Goulart; Silva de Menezes, Alan; Brito Bezerra, Cicero Wellington; Damos, Flavio Santos; Luz,  Rita de Cássia Silva. Photoelectrochemical-assisted determination of caffeic acid exploiting a composite based on carbon nanotubes, cadmium telluride quantum dots, and titanium dioxide. ANALYTICAL METHODS, v. 11, p. 4775-4784, 2019. FI 2,073 (QUALIS A2)  
  11. de Menezes, Frederico Duarte; dos Reis, Sara Rhaissa Rezende; Pinto, Suyene Rocha ; Portilho, Filipe Leal; do Vale Chaves Mello, Francisco; Helal Neto, Edward ; da Silva de Barros, Aline Oliveira ; Alencar,  Luciana Magalhães Rebêlo; de Menezes, Alan Silva ; dos Santos, Clenilton Costa ; Saraiva Souza, Aldilene; Perini, Jamila Alessandra; Machado, Daniel Escorsim; Felzenswalb, Israel; Araújo Lima, Carlos Fernando; Sukhanova, Alyona; Nabiev, Igor; Santos Oliveira, Ralph. Graphene quantum dots unraveling: Green synthesis, characterization, radiolabeling with 99mTc, in vivo behavior and mutagenicity. Materials Science & Engineering C-Materials for Biological Applications, v. 102, p. 405-414, 2019. FI 5,08 (QUALIS A1)
  12.  de Menezes, Frederico Duarte; Alencar, Luciana Magalhães Rebelo; dos Santos, Clenilton Costa ; da Silva, Maria Isabel Barbosa ; Santos Oliveira, Ralph. Using graphene quantum dots for treating radioactive liquid waste. Environmental Science and Pollution Research, v. 27, p. 3508-3512, 2020.    (QUALIS A2)
  13.  ANDRADE, J. ; Casana, R. ; da Hora, E. ; dos Santos, C. . First-order solitons with internal structures in an extended Maxwell- model. PHYSICAL REVIEW D, v. 99, p. 056014, 2019. (QUALIS A2)
  14.  R. Casana ; N. H. GONZALEZ-GUTIERREZ; E. da Hora . Topological BPS solitons in a Maxwell-Chern-Simons gauged CP(2) model. EPL, v. 127, p. 61001-p1-61001-p7, 2019.  FI 1,886  (QUALIS A4)
  15.  MARTINS, A.L. ; Feitosa, C.A.C. ; Santos, W.Q. ; Jacinto, C. ; Santos, C.C. . Influence of BaX2 (X = Cl, F) and Er2O3 concentration on the physical and optical properties of barium borate glasses. PHYSICA B-CONDENSED MATTER, v. 558, p. 146-153, 2019.  FI 1,874 (QUALIS A4)
  16. Saez, Vivian ; de Menezes, Frederico Duarte ; dos Santos, Clenilton Costa ; Alencar, Luciana Magalhaes Rebelo ; Ricci Junior, Eduardo ; Mansur, Claudia Regina Elias; Santos Oliveira, Ralph. Graphene quantum dots nanoparticles changed the rheological properties of hydrophilic gels (carbopol). JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR LIQUIDS, p. 110949, 2019. FI 4,561  (QUALIS A1)
  17. Carvalho, Thais C. V. ; Araujo, Francisco D. V. ; Costa dos Santos, Clenilton ; Alencar, Luciana M. R. ; Ribeiro Soares, Jenaina ; Late, Dattatray J. ; Lobo, Anderson Oliveira; Souza Filho, Antonio Gomes; Alencar, Rafael S. ; Viana, Bartolomeu C. Temperature-dependent phonon dynamics of supported and suspended monolayer tungsten diselenide. AIP Advances, v. 9, p. 085316, 2019. FI 1,653 (QUALIS A4)
  18. Buonoce, André  Luís  Weber; MOUTA, RODOLPHO; Gomes Jherfson Castro; dos Santos, Clenilton Costa ; Diniz, Eduardo Moraes; Castro, Manoel Carvalho; Rangel, José  Hilton Gomes; Borges, Ferdinando Marco Rodrigues ; Silva Sales, Fábio Henrique; Oliveira, Marcelo Moizinho. Varistor behavior in a ternary system based on SnO2 doped with a hexavalent donor: SnO2-MnO2-WO3. JOURNAL OF ALLOYS AND COMPOUNDS, v. 811, p. 151538, 2019.  FI 4,175 (QUALIS A3)
  19.  LIMA, D. F. ; F. M. Andrade ; Castro, L. R. B. ; C. Filgueiras ; Edilberto O. Silva . On the 2D Dirac oscillator in the presence of vector and scalar potentials in the cosmic string spacetime in the context of spin and pseudospin symmetries. EUROPEAN PHYSICAL JOURNAL C, v. 79, p. 596, 2019. FI 4,843  (QUALIS A2)  
  20. PEREIRA, LUÍS FERNANDO C.; Andrade, Fabiano M.; Filgueiras, Cleverson; Edilberto O. Silva. Modifications of Electron States, Magnetization, and Persistent Current in a Quantum Dot by Controlled Curvature. ANNALEN DER PHYSIK, v. 531, p. 1900254, 2019. FI 3,276 (QUALIS A2)  
  21. Márcio M. Cunha; Alejandro Fonseca; Edilberto O. Silva. Tripartite Entanglement: Foundations and Applications. Universe, v. 5, p. 209, 2019.  FI 2,27 (QUALIS C)
  22.  F. M. Andrade; Augusto R. Chumbes; Cleverson Filgueiras ; Edilberto O. Silva. Quantum motion of a spinless particle in curved space: A viewpoint of scattering theory. EPL (EUROPHYSICS LETTERS), v. 128, p. 10002, 2019.  FI 1,886   (QUALIS A4)
  23.  Vinicius Salem; Ramon F. Costa; Edilberto O. Silva; F. M. Andrade . Self-adjoint extension approach for singular Hamiltonians in (2+1) dimensions. Frontiers in Physics, v. 7, p. 175, 2019. FI 1,895  (QUALIS C)
  24.  Braga, Thaís Ligiero ; Pinto, Suyene Rocha; dos Reis, Sara Rhaissa Rezende; Portilho, Filipe Leal; da Silva de Barros, Aline Oliveira; Bernardes, Emerson Soares;dos Santos, Sofia Nascimento; Alencar, Luciana Magalhães Rebelo ; Ricci  Junior, Eduardo ; Santos Oliveira, Ralph. Octreotide Nanoparticles Showed Affinity for In Vivo MIA Paca-2 Inducted Pancreas Ductal Adenocarcinoma Mimicking Pancreatic Polypeptide-Secreting Tumor of the Distal Pancreas (PPoma). PHARMACEUTICAL RESEARCH, v. 36, p. 1, 2019. FI 3,896  (QUALIS A1)
  25.  de Almeida, Júlio Cesar ; Helal Neto, Edward; Pinto, Suyene Rocha; dos Santos, Sofia Nascimento; Bernardes, Emerson Soares; Al-Qahtani, Mohammed; Nigro, Fiammetta; Alencar, Luciana Magalhaes Rebelo; Ricci Junior, Eduardo; Santos Oliveira, Ralph . Colorectal Adenocarcinoma: Imaging using 5-Fluoracil Nanoparticles Labeled with Technetium 99 Metastable. CURRENT PHARMACEUTICAL DESIGN, v. 25, p. 1, 2019. FI 2,412 (QUALIS A3)
  26.  Obispo, Angel E. ; B. Freitas, Gisele ; B. Castro, Luis. Comment on -Effective of the q-deformed pseudoscalar magnetic field on the charge carriers in graphene- [J. Math. Phys. 57, 082105 (2016)]. JOURNAL OF MATHEMATICAL PHYSICS, v. 60, p. 044101, 2019. FI 1,355 (QUALIS A4)
  27.  AQUINO CURI, ELVIS J. ; Castro, Luis B; de Castro, Antonio S. Proper treatment of scalar and vector exponential potentials in the Klein-Gordon equation: Scattering and bound states. European Physical Journal Plus, v. 134, p. 248-248 - 7, 2019. FI 2,24 (NP)
  28.  MOUCHREK-SANTOS, V.E.; Ferreira, Manoel M.; Miller, Carlisson. A dimension five Lorentz-violating nonminimal coupling for mesons in the KLZ model. NUCLEAR PHYSICS B, v. 945, p. 114677, 2019. FI 3,285 (QUALIS A2)  
  29.  ARAUJO, J. B. ; Blin, A.H. ; Sampaio, M.D.R.; Ferreira, Manoel M.. Constraining dimension-6 nonminimal Lorentz-violating electron-nucleon interactions with EDM physics. PHYSICAL REVIEW D, v. 100, p. 015046, 2019. (QUALIS A2)  
  30. Ferreira, Manoel M.; LISBOA-SANTOS, LETÍCIA ; Maluf, Roberto V. ; Schreck, Marco; Maxwell electrodynamics modified by a C P T -odd dimension-five higher-derivative term. PHYSICAL REVIEW D, v. 100, p. 055036, 2019. FI 4,368 (QUALIS A2)  
  31.  ARAUJO, JONAS B. ; Hiller, B. ; da paz, I.'G.; Ferreira, Manoel M.  ; Sampaio Marcos; Costa, H.'A.'S. . Measuring QED cross sections via entanglement. PHYSICAL REVIEW D, v. 100, p. 105018-1-105018-8, 2019. (QUALIS A2)  
  32.  Ferreira, Manoel M. de Melo Tessio B. ; Kovalenko, Sergey; Pinheiro, Paulo R. D. ; Queiroz, Farinaldo S. Lepton flavor violation and collider searches in a type I + II seesaw model. EUROPEAN PHYSICAL JOURNAL C, v. 79, p. 955, 2019. (QUALIS A2)  
  33.  REIS, JOÃO A.'A.'S. ; Ferreira, Manoel M.; Schreck, Marco . Dimensional reduction of the electromagnetic sector of the nonminimal standard model extension. PHYSICAL REVIEW D, v. 100, p. 095026-1-095026-14, 2019. (QUALIS A2)  
  34.  Schreck, Marco. Classical Lagrangians for the nonminimal Standard-Model Extension at higher orders in Lorentz violation. PHYSICS LETTERS B, v. 793, p. 70-77, 2019. FI 4,162 (QUALIS A2)
  35.  REIS, JOÃO ALFÍERES ANDRADE DE SIMÕES DOS; Schreck, Marco . Formal Developments for Lorentz-Violating Dirac Fermions and Neutrinos. Symmetry -Basel, v. 11, p. 1197, 2019. FI 2,143 (QUALIS A4)
  36.  Casana, R.; RODRIGUES, J.S. ; dos Santos, F.E.P. . Lorentz-violating nonminimal coupling contributions in mesonic hydrogen atoms. PHYSICS LETTERS B, v. 790, p. 354-360, 2019. (QUALIS A2)
  37. Rodolfo Casana; A. CAVALCANTE ; C. F. Farias; ALEXSANDRO LUCENA MOTA . Self-dual solitons in a generalized Chern-Simons baby Skyrme model. PHYSICAL REVIEW D, v. 100, p. 045022, 2019. (QUALIS A2)  
  38. Lima Igo T. ; Gargano, Ricardo; Guerini, Silvete ; Paura, Edson N. C. . A theoretical study of adsorbed non-metallic atoms on magnesium chloride monolayers. NEW JOURNAL OF CHEMISTRY, v. 43, p. 7778-7783, 2019.  FI 3.069   (QUALIS A2)  
  39. CASTRO, SHUANNE ; Ribeiro, Herrisson; Araújo, Adriana; Guerini, Silvete . Ab initio Study of 17α-Ethinylestradiol and Estrone Molecules Interacting with Single Wall Carbon Nanotube. JOURNAL OF THE BRAZILIAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY, v. 31, p. 768-774, 2019. FI 1,444 (QUALIS A2)  
  40.  Pavluchenko, Sergey A.Dynamics of the cosmological models with perfect fluid in Einstein-Gauss-Bonnet gravity: low-dimensional case. EUROPEAN PHYSICAL JOURNAL C, v. 79, p. 111, 2019. (QUALIS A2)
  41. Saraiva, G.D. ; da Silva Filho, J.G. ; Saraiva Souza, Aldilene; de Castro, A.J. Ramiro ; Teixeira, A.M.R. ; Luz Lima , C. ; Oliveira, F.G.S. ; Neto, V.O. Sousa ; Freire, P.T.C. ; de Sousa, F.F. . Temperature dependence Raman spectroscopy and DFT calculations of Bi2(MoO4)3. SPECTROCHIMICA ACTA PART A-MOLECULAR AND BIOMOLECULAR SPECTROSCOPY, v. 224, p. 117340, 2019.  FI 2,931 (QUALIS A2)
  42. Álvares Paz,Maria Lúcia; Saraiva Souza, Aldilene; Meunier, Vincent ; Girão, Eduardo Costa. Naphthylenes: 1D and 2D carbon allotropes based on naphthyl units. CARBON, v. 153, p. 792-803, 2019. FI 7,466  (QUALIS A2)
  43. Sharma, S.K.; SHRIVASTAVA, NAVADEEP; Rossi, Francesco ; Tung, Le Duc ; Thanh, Nguyen Thi Kim. Nanoparticles-based magnetic and photo induced hyperthermia for cancer treatment. Nano Today, v. 29, p. 100795, 2019. FI 16,582 (sem Qualis, padrão Qualis A1)
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