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Artigos Publicados 2018


(OBS.: Docentes do PPGF marcados em negrito; discentes autores marcados em letras maiúsculas, negrito e sublinhado) 

1.C. Filgueiras ; Rojas, M. ; Souza, P. H. ; Edilberto O. Silva . A Curved Noninteracting 2D Electron Gas with Anisotropic Mass. ANNALEN DER PHYSIK, v. 530, p. 1800112, 2018. (QUALIS A2)


2.Fidelis, R. ; Cogollo, D. ; Edilberto O. Silva ; Rojas, M. ; C. Filgueiras . On the Singular Effects in the Relativistic Landau Levels in Graphene with a Disclination. COMMUNICATIONS IN THEORETICAL PHYSICS, v. 70, p. 817, 2018. (QUALIS B1)


3.Edilberto O. Silva. Ground state of a bosonic massive charged particle in the presence of external fields in a Gödel-type spacetime. European Physical Journal Plus, v. 133, p. 530, 2018. (NP)


4.NETO, FRANCISCO A. CRUZCastro, Luis B. . Comment on -Effects of cosmic-string framework on the thermodynamical properties of anharmonic oscillator using the ordinary statistics and the q-deformed superstatistics approaches-. EUROPEAN PHYSICAL JOURNAL C, v. 78, p. 494, 2018. (QUALIS A2)


5.Castro, L. B.Silva, E. O. . Relativistic quantum dynamics of vector bosons in an Aharonov-Bohm potential. Journal of Physics A-Mathematical and Theoretical. V. 51, p. 035201, 2018. (NP)


6.Rodrigues, M.I.C. ; Da Silva, J.H. ; Santos, F. Eroni P. ; Dentzien-Dias, P. ; Cisneros, J.C. ; De Menezes, A.S. ; Freire, P.T.C. ; Viana, B.C. . Physicochemical analysis of Permian coprolites from Brazil. SPECTROCHIMICA ACTA PART A-MOLECULAR AND BIOMOLECULAR SPECTROSCOPY, v. 189, p. 93-99, 2018. (QUALIS A2)


7.Maia, J.R. ; Lima, J.A. ; Freire, P.T.C. ; Melo, F.E.A. ; De Menezes, A.S. ; Remédios, C.M.R. ; Cardoso, L.P. . High pressure studies on bis( l -histidinate)nickel(II) monohydrate. SPECTROCHIMICA ACTA PART A-MOLECULAR AND BIOMOLECULAR SPECTROSCOPY, v. 189, p. 258-264, 2018. (QUALIS A2)


8.Lan, Zhipeng ; Calligaris, Guilherme A. ; de Menezes, Alan S. ; dos Santos, Adenilson O ; Lai, Xiaojun ; Cardoso, Lisandro P. ; Roberts, Kevin J. . Characterization of the Structural Environment of Dithionate Ions Associated with their Role in the Crystal Habit Modification of Sodium Chlorate. CRYSTAL GROWTH & DESIGN, v. 18, p. 3328-3338, 2018. (QUALIS A1)


9.DINIZ, R. M. C. S. ; Nogueira, C. E. S. ; Santos, C. C. ; Sinfronio, F. S. M. ; Sousa, F. F. ; De Menezes, A. S. . Structural, vibrational and thermal studies on bis( l -glutaminato)copper(II). SPECTROCHIMICA ACTA PART A-MOLECULAR AND BIOMOLECULAR SPECTROSCOPY, v. 205, p. 603-613, 2018. (QUALIS A2)


10. Sinfrônio, F. S. M. ; Rodrigues, J. A. O. ; Silva, F. C. ; Fonseca, R. S. P. ; de Menezes, A. S. ; MOUTA, R. ; Sharma, S. K. ; Castro Junior, M. C. . Effect of Co-substitution on the Vibrational, Magnetic, and Dielectric Properties of Copper Ferrites Obtained by Microwave-Assisted Hydrothermal Method. JOURNAL OF ELECTRONIC MATERIALS, v. 1, p. 1-12, 2018. (QUALIS A4)


11. Luca Amendola ; Dario Bettoni ; Guillem Domènech, ; Gomes, A. R. . Doppelganger dark energy: modified gravity with non-conformal couplings after GW170817. JOURNAL OF COSMOLOGY AND ASTROPARTICLE PHYSICS, v. 06, p. 1, 2018. (QUALIS A3)


12. Gomes, Adalto R.Simas, F. C. ; Nobrega, K. Z. ; Avelino, P. P. . False vacuum decay in kink scattering. JOURNAL OF HIGH ENERGY PHYSICS, v. 2018, p. 192, 2018. (QUALIS A2)


13. Piloyan, ArpinePavluchenko, Sergey ; Amendola, Luca . Limits on the Reconstruction of a Single Dark Energy Scalar Field Potential from SNe Ia Data. Particles, v. 1, p. 3, 2018. (QUALIS C)


14. Pavluchenko, Sergey. Realistic Compactification Models in Einstein-Gauss-Bonnet Gravity. Particles, v. 1, p. 4, 2018. (QUALIS C)


15. Canfora, F. ; Giacomini, A. ; Pavluchenko, S. A. ; Toporensky, A. Friedmann Dynamics Recovered from Compactified Einstein-Gauss-Bonnet Cosmology. Gravitation & Cosmology, v. 24, p. 28-38, 2018. (QUALIS B2)


16. Pavluchenko, Sergey A.; Toporensky, Alexey . Effects of spatial curvature and anisotropy on the asymptotic regimes in Einstein-Gauss-Bonnet gravity. EUROPEAN PHYSICAL JOURNAL C, v. 78, p. 373, 2018. (QUALIS A2)


17. Pavluchenko, Sergey A.. Realistic compactification in spatially flat vacuum cosmological models in cubic Lovelock gravity: low-dimensional case. EUROPEAN PHYSICAL JOURNAL C, v. 78, p. 551, 2018. (QUALIS A2)


18. Pavluchenko, Sergey A.. Realistic compactification in spatially flat vacuum cosmological models in cubic Lovelock gravity: high-dimensional case. EUROPEAN PHYSICAL JOURNAL C, v. 78, p. 611, 2018. (QUALIS A2)


19. Ribeiro, Caio Caetano ; de Jesus Gomes Varela, Jaldyr ; Guerini, Silvete . Electronic properties of FeCl3 and CrO3 interacting with GaN nanotubes from density functional calculations. JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR MODELING (ONLINE), v. 24, p. 192, 2018. (QUALIS A4)


20. V. ALMEIDARodolfo Casana ; E. da Hora . First-order vortices in a gauged CP(2) model with a Chern-Simons term. PHYSICAL REVIEW D, v. 97, p. 016013, 2018. (QUALIS A2)


21. J. B. ARAUJORodolfo Casana ; Manoel M. Ferreira Jr . Lorentz-violating contributions to the nuclear Schiff moment and nuclear EDM. PHYSICAL REVIEW D, v. 97, p. 055032, 2018. (QUALIS A2)


22. R. Casana; A. CAVALCANTE ; F. P. Poulis ; E. B. Santos . Exact Schwarzschild-like solution in a bumblebee gravity model. PHYSICAL REVIEW D, v. 97, p. 104001, 2018. (QUALIS A2)


23. Casana, Rodolfo; LAZAR, GUILLERMO ; Sourrouille, Lucas . Self-Dual Effective Compact and True Compacton Configurations in Generalized Abelian Higgs Models. Advances in High Energy Physics, v. 2018, p. 1-20, 2018. (QUALIS B1)


24. Rodolfo Casana; Manoel M. Ferreira Jr ; LETICIA LISBOA SANTOS ; Frederico E. P. dos Santos ; Marco Schreck . Maxwell electrodynamics modified by CPT-even and Lorentz-violating dimension-6 higher-derivative terms. PHYSICAL REVIEW D, v. 97, p. 115043, 2018. (QUALIS A2)


25. Rodolfo Casana; M. L. DIASE. da Hora . Nontopological first-order vortices in a gauged C P ( 2 ) theory endowed with the Chern-Simons action. PHYSICAL REVIEW D, v. 98, p. 056011, 2018. (QUALIS A2)


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31. SHRIVASTAVA, NAVADEEP ; Rocha, Uelson ; Muraca, Diego ; Silva, Wagner ; Jacinto, Carlos ;Kumar, Rajesh ; Sharma, S.K. . Insight into dual-modality of triply doped magnetic-luminescent iron-oxide/NaGdF 4 :RE 3+ (RE-=-Ce, Tb, Dy) nanoparticles. MATERIALS LETTERS, v. 213, p. 358-361, 2018. (QUALIS A2)


32. SHRIVASTAVA, NAVADEEP; Rocha, Uéslen ; Muraca, Diego ; Jacinto, Carlos ; Moreno, Sergio ; Vargas, J. M. ; Sharma, S. K. . Magnetic upconverting fluorescent NaGdF 4 :Ln 3+ and iron-oxide@NaGdF 4 :Ln 3+ nanoparticles. AIP Advances, v. 8, p. 056710, 2018. (QUALIS A4)


33. Ahad, Abdul ; Shukla, D. K. ; Rahman, F. ; Gautam, K. ; Dey, K. ; Majid, S. S. ; Sharma, S. K. ; Coaquira, J. A. H. . Griffiths-like phase and charge-spin glass state in La 1.5 Sr 0.5 CoO 4. APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS, v. 113, p. 102405, 2018. (QUALIS A1)


34. Oliveira'monteiro, Thatyara ; Costa dos Santos, Clenilton ; Santos'damos, Flávio ; De'cássia'silva'luz, Rita . Light-Emitting Diode-Assisted Determination of 2-(1,1-Dimethylethyl)-1,4-Benzenediol in Cosmetic Samples Exploiting TiO 2 Sensitized with Lithium 7,7-,8,8--Tetracyanoquinodimethanide. ELECTROANALYSIS, v. 30, p. 748-756, 2018. (QUALIS A3)


35. Portilho, Filipe Leal ; Pinto, Suyene Rocha ; De Barros, Aline Oliveira Da Silva ; Helal-Neto, Edward ; Dos Santos, Sofia Nascimento ; Bernardes, Emerson Soares ; Ilem-Ozdemir, Derya ; Asikoglu, Makbule ; Alencar, Luciana Magalhães RebeloDos Santos, Clenilton Costa ; Ricci-Junior, Eduardo ; Sancenón, Félix ; Martínez-Máñez, Ramón ; Santos-Oliveira, Ralph . In loco retention effect of magnetic core mesoporous silica nanoparticles doped with trastuzumab as intralesional nanodrug for breast cancer. Artificial Cells Nanomedicine and Biotechnology, v. x, p. 1-9, 2018. (QUALIS A4)


36. De Paula, V.G. ; Silva, M. Gomes ; Da Silva, L.M. ; Dos Santos, A.O. ; Lang, R. ; Otubo, L. ; Coelho, A.A. ; Cardoso, L.P. . Structural disorder effects on the magnetic entropy change of DyCo 2 intermetallic: Mechanical milling and the weakening of the itinerant electron metamagnetism mechanism. INTERMETALLICS, v. 94, p. 1-9, 2018. (QUALIS A3)


37. Carvalho, A. M. G. ; Alves, C. S. ; Trevizoli, P. V. ; Dos Santos, A. O. ; Gama, S. ; Coelho, A. A. . Unusual effects of manual grinding and subsequent annealing process observed in Gd5.09Ge2.03Si1.88 compound. APPLIED PHYSICS. A, MATERIALS SCIENCE & PROCESSING (INTERNET), v. 124, p. 269, 2018. (QUALIS A4)


38. Calligaris, Guilherme A. ; Da Silva, Thais L.T. ; Ribeiro, Ana Paula B. ; dos Santos, Adenilson O. ; Cardoso, Lisandro P. . On the quantitative phase analysis and amorphous content of triacylglycerols materials by X-ray rietveld method. CHEMISTRY AND PHYSICS OF LIPIDS, v. 212, p. 51-60, 2018. (QUALIS A2)


39. Silva Filho, Silvério Ferreira ; Pereira, Andreia Cardoso ; Sarraguça, Jorge M.G. ; Sarraguça, Mafalda C. ; Lopes, João ; Façanha Filho, Pedro De Freitas ; Dos Santos, Adenilson Oliveira ; Da Silva Ribeiro, Paulo Roberto . Synthesis of a Glibenclamide Cocrystal: Full Spectroscopic and Thermal Characterization. JOURNAL OF PHARMACEUTICAL SCIENCES, v. 107, p. 1597-1604, 2018.(QUALIS A2).

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